When replacing your trailer coupler it’s important to know what type of tongue your trailer has, as that will determine the right type of coupler you need. Additionally, you will need to get a good estimate of your trailer’s weight. No matter the size or weight of your trailer, Husky has a wide variety of heavy-duty couplers to suit all of your hauling & towing needs. We carry both a-frame, straight & adjustable mounts, as well as tow rings & drawbars. Order a trailer coupler from Husky Trailer Supply Co. today. In stock, ready to ship now!

Buy a Trailer Hitch Coupler & Trailer Coupler Parts Online

When it comes to purchasing a trailer hitch coupler, there are generally two things to consider: (1) the tongue of your existing trailer and (2) the gross weight of your trailer, i.e., when your trailer is fully loaded.

The shape of your trailer tongue will determine the trailer coupler that you require. Some trailers have straight tongues, others have A-frame shapes, and even others have a gooseneck tongue. We carry many types of trailer couplers to work with the specific tongue on your existing trailer.

Each trailer hitch coupler is rated for a specific weight capacity. You will need a trailer coupler that is equal to or greater than the gross weight of your trailer. Different types of trailer couplers are capable of higher weight capacities, but you will find that our online selection features heavy duty trailer coupler products with weight capacities ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 lbs.

We also carry a wide selection of trailer coupler parts to accommodate minor repairs. When a bolt gets corroded or the trailer coupler latch breaks, you do not need to spend tens or possibly hundreds of dollars replacing your entire trailer hitch coupler. Our online store features a variety of individual trailer coupler parts to save you money and easily repair your existing trailer coupler.

If you have questions about your trailer or cannot find the specific trailer coupler that you require, do not hesitate to contact us online or call 936-295-9900. The trailer experts at Husky Trailer & Parts Co. are available and ready to help.

How Does a Trailer Hitch Coupler Work?

Trailer couplers can work differently depending on the type of trailer coupler you are using. In general, most trailers utilize a coupler and a hitch ball. So long as the coupler and hitch ball is the same size, the coupler rests on the hitch ball and then locks in place with the trailer coupler latch. It is that simple. Depending on how much weight you are hauling, some trailer couplers will have different connection styles to accommodate high weight capacities. For example, the Lunette ring heavy-duty trailer coupler is composed of a hook and ring that lock together and form a strong connection between the trailer and the tow vehicle.

How to Adjust Trailer Hitch Couplers

As always, specific adjustments will depend on the type of trailer hitch coupler you own. If you are using a common coupler that works with a hitch ball, it is very easy to make adjustments to establish a more secure, snug fit. You never want a loose fit between the coupler and the hitch ball because this could cause the trailer to decouple on the road, especially when making turns. On the underside of each trailer hitch coupler, there is a spring-loaded nut that adjusts how loose or tight the coupler will be on the hitch ball. If the trailer coupler is too tight, it will not properly sit on the hitch ball and establish a secure connection. Too loose and you might risk decoupling from your trailer while on the road. Adjust the spring-loaded nut by hand while the latch is in the unlocked position and test how the connection feels when you lock the trailer coupler to the hitch ball.

Once the coupler is attached, shake the coupler and hitch to see if the connection is secure and safe. The trailer coupler and hitch should all move together in unison. You shouldn’t see or hear the hitch ball rattling around when you put stress on the connection. Continue to make adjustments to the trailer hitch coupler until you have established a strong, safe connection.