Trailer Fenders

We offer a premium selection of heavy-duty trailer fenders in a variety of styles & materials, including aluminum tread plates, smooth tandem axles, fender backs, and diamond plate configurations. In addition to our trailer fenders, we also carry a complete collection of various hardware & accessories. Due to trailer manufacturers creating custom fenders for their respective trailers, there is an almost unlimited number of trailer fender variations available. When replacing your fender, you’ll want to take a full profile of measurements, including the length and height of your current fender. That way, you can purchase the right fender for your trailer from our selection. No matter the specifications you’re looking for, Husky Trailer has a fender for you. In stock & ready to ship now!

Buy Trailer Fenders for Sale Online

Trailer fenders protect your wheels and other drivers on the road. Trailer wheels can be especially prone to be damaged, especially if you are constantly loading and unloading heavy objects that could puncture a tire or undermine its structural integrity. Utility trailer fenders protect the tops and sides of your trailer wheels to mitigate their possible damage. Moreover, rocks and other objects on the road can get kicked up by the wheels of your trailer and potentially damage the cars driving behind you. Trailer fenders help to deflect these objects and minimize scratches and dings to other cars on the road. If you are shopping for trailer fenders, look no further than Husky Trailer & Parts Co.

Shop Heavy-Duty Trailer Fenders for Single & Tandem Axles

We carry a wide selection of high-quality trailer fenders for both single and tandem axles. Depending on your trailer’s application, you’ll want to find trailer fenders for sale that are made from a variety of materials and featuring different structural designs. Whether you are shopping for boat trailer fenders or utility trailer fenders, here are some of the options you have to choose from while shopping on our online store:

Trailer Fenders for Single Axles

Single axle trailer fenders for sale on our website are available in an aluminum thread, diamond plate and smooth. When picking diamond plate steel trailer fenders, smooth or aluminum trailer fenders, you will want to take full profile measurements of your existing trailer fenders to ensure your purchase will work with your trailer and wheel size.

Trailer Fenders for Tandem Axles

If your trailer has tandem axles, you will obviously need tandem trailer fenders to protect your wheels. Like our single axle trailer fenders, our tandem trailer fenders are available in aluminum, diamond plate and smooth. Whether you need smooth or diamond plate trailer fenders, you can get each tandem trailer fender in a straight or teardrop design to suit your specific application and design tastes.

How to Mount Trailer Fenders

Trailer fenders are typically secure in three possible ways: bolted, mounted with brackets or welded. Mounting your fenders with bolts or brackets is fairly straightforward because all you need are a few basic tools. The difficult part can be removing existing fenders that are mounted with bolts and brackets. If your trailer fenders have been in place for many years, they may be rusted and very difficult to remove. Use a dissolving agent, like WD-40, around the rusted bolts and brackets. Then tap them with a hammer so the dissolver seeps into the threads and loosens up the corrosion. Once you have your old trailer fenders off, clean rust and build up from your trailer frame and install your new trailer fenders with bolts or brackets.

It is also common for trailer fenders to be welded in place. If you are competent at welding, you can use brackets to secure the fender temporarily and then run a light weld along the base of the mounting plate and then a heavier weld along the top of the mounting lip. If you are not comfortable welding, you can always take your trailer to a welding shop where they can remove your old trailer fenders and install your newly purchased fenders.

How to Measure Trailer Fenders

Determining the fender size that works with your trailer is fairly easy. You simply need to know the width, height and length of your existing trailer fender. To measure the length of your trailer fender, find the distance between the bottom lips of the fender. To find the width, measure from the trailer wall to the outside lip of the fender. Finally, the height can be found by measuring from the lower lip of the fender to the top of the fender. Once you have these three measurements, you are ready to purchase a brand new trailer fender.

Where to Buy Trailer Fenders

You can shop for all kinds of new trailer fenders at brick-and-mortar stores, but Husky Trailer & Parts Co. is the easiest, most affordable solution for finding trailer fenders for sale online. Our team of trailer experts is standing by to help you find the specific trailer fender or replacement parts you need. If you want some assistance, contact us online or call 936-295-9900.