Trailer Lights & Trailer Light Parts

Whether you’re looking for general trailer lighting, taillights, signals, tow lights, or full light kits, Husky Trailer & Supply Co. carries a diverse selection of lights & accessories to illuminate your trailer. In addition to the standard lighting and bulbs, we also carry hardware accessories like brackets and grommets, reflectors, and lenses. Our trailer light products fit a wide variety of application areas, including LED lights for cargo, wireless tow lighting, incandescent bulbs for license plates, fender lights, and amber beacon & strobe lights. In stock, ready to ship today!

Shop Premium Trailer Lights & Lighting Accessories

From trailer tail lights to lighting kits, Husky Trailer & Supply Co. is proud to offer a wider variety of products to illuminate your trailer. Our top-quality selection of long-lasting trailer lighting products meet all federal safety and DOT requirements and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When you shop our LED trailer lights and parts, you’ll find everything you need to help keep your trailer well lit and ready for the road. Whether you need a trailer light kit containing everything you need from start to finish or specific replacement parts for your existing trailer lights, our online store carries exactly what you need for your project.

Buy LED & Incandescent Trailer Lighting

Different trailers and DOT requirements call for a variety of trailer lighting solutions. At Husky Trailer & Supply Co., you will find all kinds of trailer lights and accessories to meet the specific demands you face. Our collection of trailer tail lights include:

Incandescent Trailer Trail Lights & Parts

Our online store features incandescent trailer lights and fixtures, including amber turn signals, fender lights, license plate lights, and marker and clearance lights. Whether you wish to install trailer lighting products for the first time or need to replace a broken part on your existing trailer tail lights, you will find the incandescent trailer light solutions and parts your trailer requires.

LED Trailer Lights & Lighting Kits

We carry a wide selection of LED trailer lights for all types of trailers and solutions. You will find LED fender lights, ID bars, brake and turn signal lights, and more. LED trailer lights are a cost-effective alternative to incandescent trailer trail lights, and they meet all federal safety and DOT requirements.

LED & Incandescent Trailer Light Kits

If you need to install an entirely new LED or incandescent trailer lighting system, a trailer light kit from our online supply store can help. Containing all the necessary parts, fixtures, and installation hardware, each of our LED and incandescent trailer light kits is available for trailers under or over 80″.

Selecting The Best LED Trailer Lights, Wiring, and Adapters

4-Way vs. 7-Way Trailer Lights Wiring

If you are not an electrician, like most of us, wiring your trailer lights may not be intuitive but it’s also not impossible to learn. Installing a trailer light kit or fixing a segment of broken wire requires more than a few sentences of instructions. Before you jump into the installation process, it is important to figure out whether or not your trailer utilizes a 4-way or 7-way wiring harness. Typically, you will find 4-way wiring harnesses on boat and utility trailers while you will find 7-way wiring harnesses on standard trailers, trucks, and RVs. The easiest way to tell which wiring harness your trailer requires is to find the trailer end or vehicle end connection of your trailer lighting system. You will either see 4 or 7 connection pins in addition to 4 or 7 wires extending from the trailer or vehicle end connection. Both 4-way and 7-way wiring harnesses provide the required power for running lights, turn signals, brake lights, and ground wire. The 7-way harness has three additional pins for a 12V hot lead, electric brakes, and reverse lights.

When Are Lights Required to be Installed on a Trailer?

All trailers are required by federal safety standards and DOT regulations to have stop lights, tail lights, turn signals, and reflectors. If your trailer is wider than 80″ and longer than 30′, additional trailer lighting and reflectors will be required.

How to Test Trailer Lights

When your trailer lights are not working properly, there are a variety of things that could be causing the issue. Here are some items to check when testing your trailer lights:

  1. Check the Bulbs
    The obvious culprit would be broken light bulbs. Test the bulbs to make sure they are not broken or burnt out.
  2. Inspect the Wiring System
    A quick physical inspection of the wiring system for your trailer lights may reveal some damage that could be causing the issue. If several wires are contacting each other or one wire has accidentally been severed, this can be the cause of your problem. You should also check the terminals and fuses for signs of corrosion and other damage.
  3. Use a Trailer Wiring Tester
    If you have one on hand, a trailer wiring tester can help you identify the issue. The device should respond to each individual system to indicate whether or not it is receiving an electrical current.